Baker Commodities Grease Trap Cleaning, Grease Interceptor Pumping and Fat / Bone Collection Put on A Halt

Baker Commodities Grease Trap / Grease Interceptor Cleaning & Fat / Bone Collection Halted By SCAQMD

Baker Commodities is a family-owned business that has been in operation for decades. The company has been processing food waste inedible products, grease waste, and food-grade oil commodities. On September 30, 2022, Baker Commodities was forced to close its doors due to the shutdown of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). This shutdown had a major impact on Baker Commodities and its customers. 

What caused the shutdown of the SCAQMD?

SCAQMD vs. Baker Commodities

The shutdown of a company like Baker Commodities has caused major chaos for restaurants, food processing plants, and its customers. It is the responsibility of the SCAQMD to ensure that the air in the area is safe for humans and the environment, but the shutdown has not only been a huge inconvenience for the people of the area, but it has also had a huge impact on the food industry.

South Coast Air Quality Management District the shutdown decision was based on proof of ongoing violations of the agency’s rule to reduce odors. 

How the shutdown impacted Baker Commodities

Baker Commodities is a wastewater treatment and inedible by-product inedible meat waste rendering plant specializing in food servicing establishments. The company was shut down by the SCAQMD at the end of September 2022. The plant is located in the city of Vernon California.  

Baker Commodities has already been struggling with servicing their current customer due to the pandemic with long wait times and not the shut down which can leave much more waiting.  The shutdown has caused major chaos for restaurants, food processing plants, and their customers. Baker Commodities is a major employer in the area and the shutdown has caused a lot of worries. It is yet unknown what is in store for Baker Commodities in the future and how they are going to bounce back from this. 

How the shutdown impacted its customers

The shutdown of Baker Commodities by the SCAQMD has caused major chaos for restaurants, food processing plants, and customers. This shutdown has been going on for over a month now and has affected many people. Baker Commodities was a company that had been supplying restaurants with food and ingredients for their dishes. Baker Commodities had been supplying food to the food processing plants and their customers.  Customers that have grease traps and grease interceptor cleaning services with Baker Commodities are finding themselves having plumbing and compliance issues from not having their devices serviced.  As of now, the customer is left in a bind having to find new service providers to perform grease removal services.  

Baker Commodities is set for a hearing in early November and yet it is unknown if they are going to be able to operate at their full capacity.  Even though they are allowed to open it is yet unknown when they will be able to catch up with servicing their customers who are already behind with their service.


The shutdown of Baker Commodities has caused major chaos for restaurants, food processing plants, and its customers. Baker Commodities is a family-owned business and has been in business for decades. The shutdown has caused the company to lose millions of dollars and has also affected its employees. This shutdown has also caused a lot of confusion for customers who have been getting their grease trap/grease interceptor cleaning and inedible meat removal and rendering from the company.  Their customers are devastated by the shutdown and some have even been reaching out to the SCAQMD to file their complaints. The shutdown of Baker Commodities is an unfortunate event and has caused a lot of chaos for the company and its customers.

If your business has been affected we recommend filing a complaint with the AQMD.

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