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Hydro Jetting – Is Hydro Jet Plumbing Better than Other Unclogging Solution?

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A plumbing or sewerage system that is clogged or completely blocked with debris is a disaster for homeowners. Such a situation can lead to all sort of critical issues from clogged drains to contaminated water. When the situation occurs, there remains no other way but to clear the clogged pipes. And when unclogging blocked pipes hydro jet plumbing is the safest, most effective and eco-friendly solution there is.
There are many other alternative methods that can be used to fix a clogged pipe. But most of those methods fix the problem temporarily, and after few days problems come back. Plumbing solutions like using mechanical drain cleaners or Snaking only creates hole in the blockage and rarely clear the entire blockage. On the other hand, hydro jetting (also known as hydro jet plumbing) clears the whole pipe inside out and makes the inside wall of the pipe clean as new. However, hydro jetting is not a DIY (Do it yourself) solution. It’s always the best to hire a professional and experienced plumber to initiate the plumbing operation.


Hydro Jetting can be mentioned as the most successful plumbing solution to clear out debris build ups and grease from the inside of a plumbing pipe or drain. The operation requires specialized hose, nozzle and a hydro jetting machine that can shoot through pipes at a force of up to 5000 psi. That level of force can literally blast away anything clogging your plumbing and can make the pipe completely clog free which cannot be done by other solutions such as Snaking. Hydro jetting can even knock the tree roots that may be infesting your pipes, and leave the inside of your pipes looking brand new.

Hydro jet plumbing requires the attention of a professional expert plumber as there are many calculations to be made. Before hydro jetting begins, your plumber must perform an inspection of the inside of your drain or pipes using a small camera to look for damages, and to get an idea about the obstructions that will have to be cleared. After getting the inspection done, your expert plumber will determine the pressure is needed to get the work finished.

Process of Hydro Jetting

To begin the hydro jet plumbing operation, after getting the inspection and calculation done, the plumber accesses your plumbing or sewerage system through a hole (or a cleanout), which can be found in any plumbing system for granting access to the system in this kind of situation. Then, the plumber will insert specialized nozzle and hose inside the pipe.

The nozzle includes multiple jets that can spray water in multiple directions, which is the reason behind the accuracy of cleaning pipes of hydro jet plumbing.

The nozzle remains connected to the hose which is highly durable and can though water at really high pressure up to 5000 psi if needed. And at the end of this setup, the hose gets connected to a high tech device known as hydro jetting machine which is the source of highly pressurized water flow.

The hydro jet plumber determines the pressurize rate according to the inspection and calculation. The pressure is usually set around 1500 psi, but that depends on severity of the clogs. Of course, the condition of the plumbing pipes plays a tricky role in determining the pressure. If the pipe is already damaged by root infestation or any other methods, hydro jetting can only make the situation worse if the pressure is not fixed accordingly.

Usually, the plumbing technician inserts the nozzle into downstream area of the system. The water blasts upstream, scouring pipes clean and dislodging the obstruction. Gravity then takes over, pulling the water and debris down and out through the cleanout created by the plumber. Restaurants and busy commercial kitchen drains require much pressure than households as there are more grease buildups.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is the safest and most effective means of plumbing solution to clear out clogs and debris from your plumbing pipes, sewer system or drains. Compared to other methods, hydro jetting has much lower risk of damaging your property. The accuracy of cleaning pipes is much higher and hydro jet plumbing reduces the chances of reoccurrence of clogs.

Here are some benefits of hydro jetting-

  1. Hydro Jetting Cleans, Don’t Just Unclog: Variety of debris accumulates in plumbing pipes over the time. Grease, fats, soap, dirt, silt; minerals are such type of debris that can create clogs in your pipes and eventually block the whole system as the time progresses. These blockages turn solid with more buildups and creates sludge like substance that often coats the inside walls of your pipes. Plumbing methods like Snaking dislodges the blockage, and temporarily create a hole in the blockage so that the water can flow again.  But, it doesn’t clear the pipe completely.  But hydro jetting with its highly pressurized water flow can break through any obstruction, and make the pipe clean as new. When your pipe is truly clean, they don’t just drain better, but they smell better too.
  2. Accurate, powerful cleaning: Hydro jetting is a consistent plumbing solution that promises great precision. While the operation you won’t have to dig up your yard. This method is safe than other methods, and won’t damage your property. An expert hydro jet plumber can use the variety of forces to handle different issues without any damage even to the pipe.
  3. Cost Effective: Hydro jetting is comparatively cheaper than other plumbing solution. Plus, clearing your pipes with hydro jet plumbing will ensure your pipes will remain clean for a long time by preventing early grease or mineral buildups. After cleaning the clogs of your plumbing system with hydro jetting, your pipes won’t need cleaning for another two or three years instead of every six months, leading to huge savings.
  4. Environment friendly: Hydro jet plumbing is an eco-friendly plumbing method. During the whole process of hydro jetting, there is no need of using any chemicals or any other means that might threat our environment, making it a green solution to clogs and debris build ups.

     Some cons of Hydro Jet Plumbing

Hydro jetting is without a doubt the most effective and cost-effective plumbing methods that is safe and is a long term solution. But there are some negative sides of hydro jet plumbing. Hydro jet plumbing is a complicated process that should be done only by an expert plumber to achieve complete success. Any mistake in inspection or determining force of the water flow can lead to severe damage to your plumbing system.

Hydro jetting should not be performed on an “already damaged” pipe. The high pressure water flow will only make the situation worse.

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