Grease Trap Cleaning – How The Grease Company Works

All restaurants, food manufacturers, hotels, cafes, casinos, and all other food servicing establishments that have commercial kitchens or handing food are required to have their grease traps and grease interceptors maintained by a licensed hauler. Cleaning a grease trap or grease interceptor will require specialty tools, equipment, and a proper source of disposal. Neglected grease traps will cause major plumbing problems that can lead to hazardous overflow or drain clogs.

Used Cooking Oil Recycling – Top 4 Ways UCO is Used

Used cooking oil management is perhaps one of the most important factors that every food servicing establishment should look into in order to prevent troubles from city inspectors. Dumping waste into the ground or pouring them into the drain might seem like an easy but, this irresponsible act may cause disasters and dramatic environmental change […]