Grease Trap Service

Restaurant Grease & Plumbing Promo Discounted Rates.

It feels like it was just yesterday that all restaurants, bars, wineries, and breweries were finally going to be able to catch up for all the lost revenues, but with a blink of an eye, it’s deja vu.

As of 10 PM on November 25, all food servicing establishments are ordered to stop indoor and outdoor dining. This has been a nightmare for restaurants and other food servicing establishments and the service providers that cater to these businesses. Thousands of jobs have halted and cut hours for many employees due to this action.

As the industry continues to suffer during this pandemic, we will be offering up to 20% off throughout December. The Grease Company and its contractors understand that during these times, every bit helps.

Services we provide:
Used Cooking Oil Collection
Grease Trap Cleaning
Grease Interceptor Cleaning
Hydro Jet Plumbing
Waste Oil Disposal

Did You Know?

Taking preventative measures can help stop plumbing and pest problems when it’s time to re-open again.
The stopping of all indoor and outdoor dining has caused businesses to close down and stop daily operations. Companies fail to realize that when the plumbing lines are not in use, it causes the build-up to harden, which leads to drainage issues.

We recommend to run the water and pour liquids on all drains of the establishment and flush all toilets and urinals daily. Doing this will prevent the plumbing from drying up and build-up from hardening.

For businesses with grease traps or grease interceptors, it would be best to have the device pumped and cleaned to prevent the content from hardening.

Lastly, cooking and waste fryer oil sitting for some time can attract unwanted pest from intruding into the storage area. Rodents, cockroaches, and other stray animals are known to access these bins as a food source. It’s best to ensure that all containers are removed or emptied before closing down temporary closing down.