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All food servicing establishments must install either a Indoor Grease Traps Will Reach Its Maximum Allowable Capacity Within A Few Weeks. The Pricing of Cleaning A Grease Trap Will Range From $175 and Up.Grease Traps Are Typically Found Inside The Kitchen Above The Ground or Mounted Underground. Sizing For These Devices Are Will Range From 5-75 Gallons Which Is Why They Require Cleaning Every 4 To 6 Weeks on Average.grease trap or Grease Interceptor Cleaning Serice For Commercial Kitchens. Pumping removing all waste inside the grease interceptor will help prevent FOGS waste from entering the sewer system. Failing to pump and clean the device will lead to plumbing issues such as slow drains and overflow.Grease Interceptors Are Large Gravity Devices That's Typically Found Outdoor Due The The Size. Grease Interceptor Sizes Can Range From 750 Gallons Up to 5,000 For An Average Commercial Kitchen. Larger Food Servicing Establishments or Shopping Malls May Have Larger Tanks Up To 40,000 Gallons.grease interceptor to prevent commercial kitchen fats, oils, grease, and solid food (FOGS) waste from entering the city sanitation system.

Both devices must be maintained and cleaned regularly to prevent major drainage issues and citations by the local municipality. Cleaning a grease trap or grease interceptor is performed by a licensed hauler that has proper equipment and a source of disposal.

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Service Areas Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Ventura, Riverside, and Santa Barbara Counties
Description Cleaning a grease trap consist of removing all waste inside the device. It is a requirement that all food service establishments actively clean these devices to help prevent city sewer sanitation overflows. All fats, oils, grease, and solids must be removed, hauled, and disposed of at an approved waste disposal site by a licensed grease hauler. Failing to comply can lead to citation, fines, or closure.
What's A Grease Trap A grease trap is plumbing device designed to intercept the bulk of greases and food solids coming from the commercial kitchen. Its purpose is to gravity settle FOGS using water to drastically reduce the amount of waste from entering the public sewer sanitary lines. Grease traps are considered the heart of the kitchen and without proper maintenance can lead to major plumbing issues.
Grease Trap Sizing Grease traps are typically found inside the kitchen either above or in-ground. The size of these devices are typically 100 gallons or below.
Grease Trap Waste Source The source of grease trap waste originates from plumbing drainage connected to the grease trap. Most, if not all, commercial kitchen floor drains, sinks or dishwashers link to the grease trap. From FOGS polluted waste liquids stemming from washing pots, pans, utensils, flat grills, etc.. to harsh cleaning liquid products used to clean the floors or kitchen equipment, those waste eventually goes into the grease trap.
Note: Waste cooking oil originating from fryers are prohibited from being discarded down the drain or into the grease trap. Used cooking oil is placed in a separate receptacle and picked up by a licensed grease collector. For the used cooking collection service, please call us at 888-697-8910.
Grease Trap Cleaning Cost Cleaning a grease trap can vary in cost based on the size, condition, accessibility, etc. Grease traps that are poorly maintained and have excessive FOGS content, harder to access, or in need of emergency service can be higher in cost versus one's that are on a preventative, scheduled maintenance program.
Money For Trap Grease The oil waste from the grease trap has no value because of its high acid content. Since grease trap waste is a combination of acidic grease, waste water, and food solids, it's very costly to process which is why there is a cost to have these devices cleaned.
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