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Reasons Why Hydro Jetting Is The Best Way To Clean Plumbing Lines

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Many people are unfamiliar with the term ‘Hydro Jet’ as it is not a standard plumbing method and should not be done by an amateur plumber for it can make the problem worse.

Hydro jetting is a non-invasive plumbing solution to clear sewer pipes by removing clogs and blockage effectively. Hydro jetting is a complicated process that uses ultra-pressurized water to remove debris, clogs, and build-up from the plumbing system. In the process, high-pressure water is pushed through sewer pipes using a particular hydro jetting machine. The high-pressure water thoroughly rinses the inside wall of pipes and removes the debris that has triggered a clog or slow water flow in the system.

Before hydro jetting was introduced, the plumber used a ‘rodding’ system using tools such as an auger or snake to pierce through the clog and powered a hole through the blockage. This method is still used and does works on more minor clogs. But hydro jetting has more effectiveness for more significant clogs and build-ups for heavy grease build-up from the commercial kitchen or excessive roots problem.


Process of Hydro Jet Plumbing

As mentioned earlier in this article, hydro jetting is a complicated process with both positive and negative sides (If not done correctly). So, always be careful while choosing a professional company to resolve your plumbing issue.  Call The Grease Company any time of the day to share your situation, and a specialist will advise you whether you need hydro jetting or not.
If it occurs that needs hydro-jetting; the plumber will inspect your sewer pipes and pick a suitable spot to insert a hose attached to a large specialty jetting equipment, and begin blasting the water to clean out the most stubborn build up. Then the plumber will select a proper jetting head and pressure level that depends on the severity of the clogs.
The hose is highly durable and can shoot up to 20 gallons of water at 4,500 psi every minute. This water pressure powers the debris, grease, or mineral build-up that has created clogs out of the pipe. The dislodged material causing the clogging will flow down into the sewer system. Hot water is sometimes used in hydro jetting for a better solution, but that depends on the clogs and the materials created.

Alternative Plumbing Device (Rooter & Snaking)

There are few alternatives to hydro jet plumbing using tools such as augers, plumbing snakes, and plungers. They work on more minor clogs, but hydro jet plumbing is still more effective than those, and you will have long-lasting results. The alternative of hydro jetting may release the blockage but can’t guarantee that clogs will not build up again in the future, and they can even push the waste deeper inside the plumbing pipes resulting in even more complicated problems.

When Is It Best To Hydro Jet?

Hydro jet plumbing is needed when the main grease or sewerage line is impaired with recurring clogs or overflows. The build-up of debris, grease, minerals causes clogging and slow draining in the system. It can often lead to severe sewer backups, and dirty water may get inside your establishment.  One of the most common occurrence for commercial restaurants or establishment are grease trap overflow and jetting the line can restore the line and keep your business operational. Hydro jet plumbing can solve this problem and provide you with a long-term solution by pumping high-pressure water flow inside your pipe.
It is sometimes apparent when you need a hydro jet plumbing service when there is a smelly sewer drain, kitchen sink that repetitively clogs up, grease trap spilling over (leaking from the top), or a main plumbing line blockage.
A professional plumbing company will hear from you about problems and then use a camera inspection to find out your problem and solve it using a high-tech hydro jetting machine to get you the best and long-term solution.

What Does It Cost To Hydro Jet?

The cost of hydro jetting service will depend upon the location and nature of your clogged sewer pipe problem, including the amount of time involved to resolve it.  Call The Grease Company for the best hydro jet plumbing price.

Why hydro jetting is better than other methods?

Hydro-jet plumbing uses high-pressure water flow to break up clogs and remove materials from inside the pipes. Hydro jetting offers a thorough maintenance cleaning preventing future build-ups of future clogs, scaling, and expensive sewer or grease spill cleanup.

5 Top Reasons To Hydro Jet a Plumbing Line

1. Hydro jetting is the most effective way to prevent excessive build-up of FOGS waste inside the pipes that cause commercial kitchen back up and grease trap or grease interceptor overflow.  Grease and food waste build-up are notorious for causing some of the most costly sanitary sewer or grease waste overflows.
2. Hydro jetting can handle any obstruction that may occur inside plumbing pipes. With all that high-pressured water flow, hydro jetting can unclog any severe blockage inside the pipe walls.
3. Other alternative methods, such as plumbing snake pokes a hole in the sludge, but hydro jetting does more than just poking a hole. Hydro jetting removes everything and makes your pipe as clean as new.
4. Hydro jetting is safe. The process includes using high-pressure the water inside the pipe, and no CHEMICALS. So, the hydro jet plumbing system is environmentally friendly.
5. Hydro jetting can remove tree roots that find their way inside the pipe and cause massive blockage when grown up. High pressured water can remove tree roots when they are still small.

Disadvantages of Hydro Jetting

No, there is no negative side to hydro jet plumbing. But there are some conditions. You should not use a hydro jet plumbing machine if your pipes are old. The older they get, the easily breakable they are, and they may not handle the intense psi water flow pressure. If you use hydro jet plumbing for this kind of pipe, it might cause some problems. Before starting the process of hydro-jet plumbing, the professional may inspect thoroughly using a sewer video camera. Hydro jetting is something you can’t do yourself and must be done by an experienced company, for it may cause more issues if improperly used.

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