Grease Trap Cleaning in Long Beach California

If your grease trap or grease interceptor is full or overflowing, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. The Grease Company is your trusted and recommended partner for commercial grease waste pumping, endorsed by plumbers, property managers, and businesses alike. Serving Long Beach and all surrounding areas throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, California, we’re committed to delivering superior and prompt service.

Is My Grease Trap Full?

Grease Trap and Grease Interceptor 25% Content Rule

When a grease interceptor or grease trap begins to overflow, it’s a clear sign that the device has probably surpassed the critical 25% threshold of FOGS content in wastewater. This exceeding of the threshold often leads to backups and sluggish drainage within the plumbing system. In essence, the overflow serves as a visible indicator that the grease trap or interceptor requires immediate attention and servicing to restore optimal functionality and prevent further disruptions in kitchen operations.

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Grease Trap – Interceptor Baffle T Repair for Restaurants

Stand Pipe For Grease Interceptors

Avoid expensive plumbing problems by promptly repairing grease trap baffles. Save on costs, prevent downtime, and stay compliant. It’s crucial for all Grease Traps and Grease Interceptors to have a working baffle to prevent backups and overflow. Without these components, FOGS waste can directly enter the plumbing, contaminating sewer lines. Additionally, a missing or fallen baffle can result in significant overflows. Regular checks and timely repairs are key to a smoothly running and compliant system.