Southern California Commercial Kitchen Cooking Oil recycling Program

Cooking is an art, and in the vibrant kitchens of California, it’s a cherished art form adored by millions. Picture the sizzle of fresh ingredients meeting a hot pan, the aromatic symphony that fills the air, and the delectable creations that leave your patrons craving for more. Yet, behind this culinary magic lies an unsung hero – cooking oil, especially vegetable oils, that power the kitchens of countless restaurants across our the state of California.

Restaurant Los Angeles Grease Trap Cleaning & Grease Interceptor Pumping

Los Angeles Grease Trap & Grease Interceptor Cleaning Service For Restaurants Lack or improper cleaning of the FOGS control device, also known as grease trap or grease interceptor, can cause the plumbing lines to clog or drain slowly, causing the overflow. Grease traps and grease interceptors are mandatory for all food servicing establishments to do business in Los Angeles, California. Its...