Major Grease Trap Issues At Restaurants: Consequences for avoiding grease trap pumping when needed!

Grease Trap Maintenance

Often overlooked, these unassuming devices play a crucial role in preventing chaos beneath the kitchen surface. Without a proper preventative maintenance plan in place, the insidious accumulation of grease trap waste can transform into a plumbing nightmare. The consequence? A dreaded backup that not only disrupts kitchen operations but also opens the door to costly fines and extensive cleanup expenses. It’s clear: the humble grease trap demands attention to keep the kitchen flowing smoothly.

Grease Trap – Interceptor Baffle T Repair for Restaurants

Stand Pipe For Grease Interceptors

Avoid expensive plumbing problems by promptly repairing grease trap baffles. Save on costs, prevent downtime, and stay compliant. It’s crucial for all Grease Traps and Grease Interceptors to have a working baffle to prevent backups and overflow. Without these components, FOGS waste can directly enter the plumbing, contaminating sewer lines. Additionally, a missing or fallen baffle can result in significant overflows. Regular checks and timely repairs are key to a smoothly running and compliant system.