How To Clean A Small Grease Trap

Without proper maintenance you can damage the unit, experience plumbing issues, have odor issues, and most of all, get a citation from the city and health department officials. Hiring a grease trap cleaning company can help you eliminate issues that can prevent your commercial kitchen run efficiently. Grease traps are a common part of commercial kitchens, but many people don’t know what they...

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GREASE TRAP REPAIR Grease Trap Repair Learning About Commercial Grease Traps For Restaurants. The grease trap is a major component of a commercial kitchen that will deter grease and food solids waste going into the sewer line. A faulty or a leaky grease trap can cause the plumbing to back up and spill all over causing a hazardous mess on the floor. It is often recommended that when these units...

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Commercial Grease Trap & Grease Interceptors

The substantial increase in sanitation sewer overflow has caused city inspectors in Southern California to observe food servicing establishments on best management practices. If you operate a restaurant or a type of food servicing establishment with a commercial kitchen, up keeping and ensuring that you follow the regulations regarding grease waste removal set by the local ordinance are met to prevent any citations or fines.

What Is The Difference Between A Grease Trap or A Grease Interceptor? The Main Difference Between Both Devices Is The Size.
Types of Grease Traps & Grease Interceptors

Grease traps and grease interceptors are installed at businesses with commercial kitchen handling food or edible goods. The sizing of these units will vary base on the city requirements which can vary across the state. These plumbing equipment are mandatory to be pumped and cleaned to prevent fats, oils, grease, and food solids from entering the sanitary sewer lines. Most grease traps and grease interceptors are pumped every one to three months to prevent its content from exceeding 25%.

Do I Need A Grease Trap or A Grease Interceptor?

Indoor Grease Traps Are Usually Found Indoor Underneath The Sink or Mounted In Ground There are two types of grease recovery tanks the city will require a food servicing establishments are required to have; a grease trap or a grease interceptor. The establishment must place and regularly maintain their device to operate a commercial kitchen, warranting that it's not releasing fats, oils, grease,...

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It feels like it was just yesterday that all restaurants, bars, wineries, and breweries were finally going to be able to catch up for all the lost revenues, but with a blink of an eye, it's deja vu. As of 10 PM on November 25, all food servicing establishments are ordered to stop indoor and outdoor dining. This has been a nightmare for restaurants and other food servicing establishments and the...