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Frequently asked
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1What is a grease trap?
A grease trap is plumbing device for commercial kitchen designed to reduce the amount of FOGS waste from entering the city sanitary system. Due to a large increase of sewer sanitary overflows (SSO's) most cities throughout the state are requiring all FSE's to either install a grease trap or grease interceptor in order to operate a commercial kitchen.
2Why does my grease trap or grease interceptor smelling?
Many different factors cause odors from FOGS devices. One of the most common reasons that the device releases a funky smell is a lack of or improper service. Though if the machine has been recently cleaned and the odor is still present, it can also be caused by faulty plumbing.
3Why is my grease trap or grease interceptor overflowing when it was just serviced?
Overflows do not necessarily imply that the grease interceptor or grease trap is the cause, especially if you have recently serviced it. The most common cause of overflow is from line blockage when liquids cannot drain into the sewer line.
4What is the cost to clean a grease trap?
A grease trap cleaning price can vary based on different factors; condition, accessibility, availability, and sizing.
5How to dispose used cooking oil from restaurants?
To be in compliance, waste cooking oil from deep fryers must be removed and hauled by a licensed IKG grease collector. A licensed grease hauler can provide a storage container or receptacle to the business, and once it fills up, they can remove it from the premises. The company will attain a copy of a hauler's manifestation report to provide city officials proof that the waste is disposed of correctly.
6How to repair a grease trap?
The majority of grease traps leaking or have corroded maybe fixed but will eventually leak again in no time. It is to your advantage that when you have a grease trap that's decayed to completely replace the unit. Any fix on a rusted device is only temporary because it's likely that all the vital components inside the machine are worn and no longer functioning correctly.

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