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Major Spill Cleanup With Water Recovery

Grease and oil spill is not only a hazardous danger to the public but can also contaminate the storm drains. Grease entering the storm drain will eventually be entering into the ocean, threatening wildlife. When or if a spill is present, it's vital to take action by cleaning it up before it spreads immediately. Failing to protect the sewer system and storm drain can lead to huge fines.


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Grease and Oil Spill Clean Up

The threat of a grease and oil spill can be very dangerous to the public. Cleaning up a substantial amount of l spillage will take a crew of staff and the necessary specialty equipment.  

Outdoor Grease Trap & Interceptor Overflow

When the plumbing pipe prevents the liquid waste from entering the sewer line, it will cause the grease recovery levels to rise, eventually leading to overflow. If this happens, stop using the water in the kitchen to prevent additional waste from escaping. The amount of oil waste that was released will determine if this can be cleaned using simple equipment or grease spill clean-up professionals. 

Oil Spill Clean Up

A large amount of food-grade oil spill poses a massive danger to the public and can cause unwanted accidents. Cleaning an oil spill can be as simple as wiping it off with a cloth and spraying some degreaser, or if it's a significant spill, a professional will be necessary to perform the job. 

Grease and Oil Spill Clean Up Service With Water Recovery

Professional grease spill company will restore the floor and thoroughly extract the grease that has seeped into the ground. Using heavy-duty solvent and manually scrubbing the ground to lift the absorbed oils. The dry sand absorbent is continuously poured into engaging the spill until all of the settled oils are gone. Using a steam pressure washer will completely blast clean the harsh stains and grim in the small crevices. A water recovery vacuum truck is mandatory to prevent waste from entering the storm drain and spreading to additional areas. All waste removed will be disposed of under all city and state regulations.  

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Grease & Oil Spill Removal Service

Professional Grease Managment Services For Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens

Some spills may be uncontrollable; on the other hand, most grease and oil spills that happen can be prevented with proper training and best management practices. Having the grease trap or grease interceptor routinely cleaned and the pipes can reduce the odds of overflow from occurring. While cooking oil or grease spills at the receptacle area can be prevented by placing a tray beneath to catch spills created by human error. Learn more about spill clean-up and spill prevention techniques by calling us at 888-697-8910.