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Grease & Oil Clarifier Cleaning 

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What is an oil and grease clarifier?

Oil and grease clarifiers are industrial plumbing devices designed to prevent waste oils, grease, and debris from entering the city sewer system. Businesses that work or handle grease and oily liquids must place a clarifier that will trap or intercept waste oils, grease, solids, and sludge. It is also ordered for these devices to be appropriately cleaned and maintained for them to operate competently.

Clarifier Cleaning

Cleaning oil, water, and solid (OWS) separator clarifiers will require special equipment such as a vacuum truck. Depending on the device's location, the servicer will bring the appropriate vacuum truck or equipment and extract the content inside the tank. It is imperative that when cleaning the separator, all content is removed from top to bottom and no waste is left behind.

Oil, Grease, and Solids Waste Disposal

Depending on the waste extracted, the servicer must have proper licensing and source to dispose of such waste from the unit. A manifestation report from the servicer must be presented as proof to remain compliant or prevent any trouble from industrial waste or health inspectors.

Clarifier Back Up and Overflow

Back up on clarifiers, grease traps, or grease interceptors can occur when the device or its counterparts is improperly maintained or cleaned on time. Preventative maintenance is mandatory to prevent unwanted plumbing contamination, flooding, overflow, or city citation. OWS separators can be troublesome when it fails to do its job and issues start to arise. The problem will often cause the system to spill over, creating a costly hazardous mess that is costly to clean-up and can lead to the establishment's closure.

What's The Cost of Cleaning A Clarifier?  

Many factors determine the cost of pumping and cleaning a clarifier; type of waste, condition, size, and accessibility of the unit. The disposal site of waste liquids and solids varies because all water plants can only accept certain waste types.

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