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*Grease Trap & Grease Interceptor Repair & Installation
Due to their miniature size, traps need to have all its parts functioning correctly. With harsh acidic liquids passing through the trap, there's no way to prevent the corrosion from happening unless the grease trap is made from plastic? Minor leak or deterioration can be repaired temporarily, though, in due time, the problem will appear again. It is advantageous to place a new trap rather than fix it to eliminate unnecessary restoration costs.

Grease Trap Replacement

Replacing a grease trap will help prevent drain issues, further leakage from occurring, and stop contamination if the device is floor mounted. When replacing a grease trap, the plumbing lines are reworked and readjusted to guarantee the liquid flow is sound. Faulty plumbing on grease traps will affect the drainage, causing the device to work improperly, leading to overflow and line blockage. A new grease trap will come with all-new plumbing connections, inlet, and outlet baffle FOGS stopper. Aside from leakage, an old grease trap will likely have eroded baffles, which is necessary to prevent grease backflow into the kitchen inlet line and release grease waste from the grease trap's exit path to the main sewer line.

Grease Trap Repair

Repairing a grease trap can be done in numerous ways depending on the problem. Clean the affected removing all the corrosion, and seal with epoxy or silicone sealer from a local hardware store. Be aware that a grease trap that's badly eroded, and the inside parts have disintegrated or are seriously damaged are unrepairable and must be replaced entirely.

Motorized Grease Traps

Motorized grease traps such as Thermaco Big Dipper or Grease Guardian require specialized technicians if the moving parts are not working. Unlike hydro-mechanical traps, mechanical or motorized traps skim the floating daily, reducing the volume of fats and grease from the device. Be advised that mechanical grease traps skim the floating oils daily, but will still need full cleaning to remove the bottom's settled solids every 4-8 weeks. Due to parts availability, repairing these units may require you to go directly to the manufacturer.
*What is The Difference Between a Grease Trap and Grease Interceptor?
Both system's functions are similar. The main difference between them is their sizing; the grease trap is small, typically found inside the kitchen, while grease interceptors are mounted outdoors and are significantly larger. These devices are known as the heart of the kitchen because if it's not working correctly, your plumbing will stop working, clogging up all your drains.
*What Causes Corrosion and Leakage On The Side and Bottom of The Grease Trap?
The high acidic waste liquids and harsh chemicals entering the grease trap causes the metals to disintegrate over time, leading to leaks and ineffective. The grease trap that has significant corrosion is not only inefficient but causes hazardous conditions from the leakage.
*Removing and Bypassing a Grease Trap
It's prohibited for any food servicing establishment to bypass or remove a grease trap and operate a commercial kitchen. City officials and the health department can immediately shut down the business and issue a citation if a grease trap is removed or not functioning.
*Do I Need A Grease Trap?

Most cities will require all food servicing establishments to place a device that will reduce the amount of fats, oils, grease, and food solid waste from getting into the city sanitary sewer line to operate. All cities do not meet similar requirements; therefore, before installing or replacing a grease trap or interceptor, you must first check with the city industrial waste to determine the right unit for you.

Grease traps and grease interceptors are known as the heart of the kitchen because if it's not working correctly, your plumbing will stop working, clogging up all your drains. Damaged or deteriorated grease traps

*What is the Cost To Repair a Grease Trap?
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