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Cooking Oil Collection & Grease Recycling Service

Licensed and approved by the state of California, our oil collectors will ensure that you are fully compliant with the local and state ordinance. Whether you are looking for a new service or switching to a more reliable company to collect and recycle cooking oil from your location, we are here to help you.

Request For Service Whether you are inqiring about new service or in need of an emergency pick up we are here to help you. Call Us today 1-888-697-8910 for assistance.
Service Areas Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Ventura, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Kern, and San Luis Obispo Counties
Description Stay in compliance with The Grease Company. We provide and work with local licensed inedible kitchen grease transporters to pick up, haul away, and properly dispose waste cooking grease. The Grease Company and our partners accommodate to restaurants and all other food servicing establishments with cooking oil waste or grease collection.
Proof & Manifest Report State and local ordinances make it mandatory for all food servicing establishment to acquire a state-approved inedible kitchen grease hauler to pick up all waste oil generated from commercial kitchens. Inspectors will demand proof or a manifest report produced by the grease collector as assurance that the waste is appropriately disposed of or recycled. Failing to provide the documentation can lead to a citation.
Types of Oils We Collect Almond | Avocado oil | Butter | Canola oil | Coconut oil (virgin) | Corn oil | Cottonseed oil | Diacylglycerol (DAG) oil | Fish oil | Linseed oil | Grapeseed oil | Hemp oil | Lard | Macadamia oil | Margarine (hard) | Margarine (soft) | Mustard oil | Olive oil (extra virgin, refined, extra light, extra virgin) | Palm oil | Peanut oil | Pumpkin seed oil | Rice bran oil | Safflower oil | Soybean oil | Sunflower oil | Tea seed oil | Tallow | Walnut oil
Storage Containers Whether you have very limited indoor space or in need of a large outdoor receptacle, we have a containers suitable for you.
Places We Collect From Restaurants, Food Manufacturers, Food Grade Oil Manufacturers, Oil Transporters, Hotels, Cafeterias, Hospitals, Oil Disposal Sites, Oil Collection Center
Note: We Only Collect Food Grade Oil
Rebates & Purchase of Oil We are currently purchasing from restaurants that produce over 250 of used cooking oil per month. As for large quantity over 2000 gallons or more, please call us at 888-697-8910 for more details.
Scheduling Grease Collection Service To prevent the hassle of consistently requesting a used cooking oil collection service, all services provided can put on a regular pick up schedule tailored to the needs of the customer. Though, in an unlikely event that the customer will need to pick up before the regularly reoccurring schedule, please call 888-697-8910.

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Note: Please Call Us For New or Emergency Service.