Grease Trap Cleaning – How The Grease Company Works

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A grease trap is a plumbing device mainly used in commercial kitchens to prevent fats, oils, grease and food solid waste from entering the sewer system. The device with its chamber and baffle structure intercepts waste water that flows from the kitchen sink and physically separates fats and greases. Grease traps save our plumbing system from sticky FOGs and save a business establishment thousands of dollars by preventing many expensive plumbing repairs.

Step 4: Removing of water and FOGs: After we’re done measuring your grease trap, we shall start cleaning trap. We may use a basket or any other tools to scoop out waters, and junks that floats on top of water. After we’re done removing waters, we focus on the solidified grease. We scrape down the sides of the tank to make sure nothing is left stuck anywhere inside the tank. After removing all the grease from the inside we carefully collect them in sealed facility. When the entire grease trap cleaning operation is completed we take this grease away from your establishment to dump in a proper dumping facility so that they can’t harm the environment.

Step 5: Clean the trap with water: Once all the FOGs are removed and the sludge tank is empty, we clean the trap thoroughly with water. Sometimes, we use soap or detergent to make sure the device is clean as new. We scrub the inside walls of the grease trap to eliminate the last of the FOGs.

Step 6: Reassemble the Grease Trap: When we done with all the steps mentioned above, we shall reassemble the device. We make sure all the components are fixed accordingly. Grease trap is a complicated device, and any fault in installing or assembling the trap can hamper its effectiveness of working. After reassembling the device, we slot the grease trap back into its place and reconnect the device with kitchen sink.

Step 7: Take away the removed greased to a dumping facility: Grease are toxic elements and very harmful both to human health and the environment. We make sure that the grease we remove from your trap doesn’t get in touch with the environment of your establishment or your neighborhood. We take them away in a sealed facility to a dumpster that allows dumping grease and such toxic elements or to a recycling center (if they are recyclable).

Grease trap cleaning in an essential part of any commercial kitchen plumbing maintenance. The process of cleaning a grease trap can be tricky and intensive. This task requires expert’s attention to be done properly. It is always the best to hire a professional grease trap cleaning company than doing it all by yourself to avoid unwanted damage to your grease trap. If your business is located in California, the Grease Company could be a good choice for your commercial kitchen plumbing. We are experienced and top rated plumbing experts in all of California. Call +1-888-697-8910 today to learn more about us.